Steampunk Kitty

Steampunk Kitty

Since I haven’t actually been able to see my own mom or my mother-in-law since Mother’s Day, I’ve had to postpone publishing about their gifts (and I still haven’t gotten my mom’s to her yet, but it uses brand new yarn I was only able to purchase after Mother’s Day anyway :P)  This adorable little guy was requested by my mother-in-law a few months ago when she spotted something similar while browsing the internet.  The husband has named him Albert.  For the base of the cat, I used Little Bear Crochet’s Neko Atsume #2 (which if you’ve been following along, you’ll notice that I’ve used this pattern a ton lately, but it’s such an awesome cat amigurumi pattern.)  I sewed the ears over top of the hat, rather than making the hat removable.

Steampunk Kitty

The goggles are embroidered on, and then filled in first with hot glue, and then with a layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to give it a nice glossy look.  As with all these cats I’ve made, the tail is completely poseable.


Speaking of posing, the wings also move.  The gears are sewn onto the harness like buttons, and the wings have a small button hole at the top, so the wings do move a little as well.  The wings are an adaptation of Lucy Ravenscar’s Fierce Little Dragon pattern (which I’ve also used as one of my favorite dragon patterns), and the harness is just tied around the front legs and stomach of this kitty.  I think he ended up super adorable.

No spoilers right now for my mom’s gift (coming next week), but it looks super awesome.

And I’ve started a new project for myself, one that I can’t believe has taken me this long to start.  When I began knitting seven years ago, I wanted to make a pair of socks.  However, the first pair didn’t go well, and I started working on other projects, and I never came back to those socks!  So, finally, I am going to complete my first pair of socks

First Pair of Socks

I’m using Knit Pick’s Two at Once, Toe Up, Magic Loop Socks Pattern, which seems to be a great beginner pattern so far.  It’s got great tips for customizing the socks, and since they’re worked toe up, I can try them on at every stage to see how they fit.  Keep watching for more updates about that project.

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