Completed Hat and Scarf

Whew!  Getting everything finished for Christmas was quite the challenge.  Even though I started early, it seemed I was still scrambling at the end.  But now that Christmas is past, I can share the gifts I finished.  First is the hat and scarf I made my sister.

Dropped Rib Stitch Hat and Scarf

I got the inspiration for this set when I was working on Jessie Rayot’s Dragon Wing Cowl.  I loved the elegant look of the looped dropped stitches.  I immediately set out to work on the hat (see the preview here), but the scarf took me a bit longer.  However, here they are!


Since the preview of the hat, I decided to add a pompom for added flair.  I was very pleased with the way the scarf lays.  I used Yarn Bee Soft Secret for both hat and scarf.


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