Far-Off Dabbling…

Every now and again I get inspired to dabble in a craft far from knitting and crocheting, and this time, it worked so well, I have to share it!

Confession: I am a huge nerd.

When we didn’t have internet for a year, we decided to amuse ourselves by making our own board game that’s kind of like Dungeons and Dragons, but is faster paced and has easier math.  Like Dungeons and Dragons, you can create your own character, but we usually both create a whole group to explore with.  Sometimes we play it like a really extravagant form of chess, and other times one of us will play as the story-teller (DM as Dungeons and Dragons calls it) and create an adventure for the other.

So I decided for my husband’s birthday to make him a secret board for the DM.  Some of our characters have the ability to be unseen, so this will allow the DM to keep track of these characters without the others seeing where these characters are.


I made the board by cutting apart a coffee pot box.  I cut off the top and bottom, and left the three nicest sides.  I did have to cut one side down an inch so that it folds nicely.  Then I covered the front with printer paper, and I glued down black fabric around the box so it looks nice.  I glued magnetic sheets to the insides of the box.  Then I printed the hexagon grid out.  I had to use four pages, but then I just cut and glued the pages together.  I covered it all with self-laminating strips, so we can draw on it with dry-erase markers.

The pieces are small magnets (1/4 inch in diameter).  I used a hole punch to get the circles of different colors (one for each type of character we have), and added some alchemy symbols to make them more interesting.  I attached the paper to the magnets using E6000 glue (which worked amazingly!), and then covered them with Modge Podge 3-Dimensional Magic to protect them and give them a nice finish.


Then I really wanted to go back to knitting and crocheting.  So to hold all these little pieces, I made a Mimic.  Mimics are objects, usually chests, in games that are actually enemies in disguise.  They will wait until you are close (usually trying to open the chest to get that sweet item that’s inside), and then attack.  I love it.


This tiny little mimic is the perfect size to hold all the pieces, and it fits on the old Heroscape board we have been using for the game as well.  I’m working on a couple different designs for the mimic now, so hopefully the pattern will be available shortly!

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