Dragon Egg Dice Bag

Here is my pattern for a dragon egg dice bag.  I have used a modified crocodile stitch (see my tutorial here) that gives the fabric smaller holes that a normal crocodile stitch.  This bag is the right size for one set of Dungeons and Dragons dice, or one set of Shadowrun dice, or a handful of buttons and beads.

Dragon Egg Dice Bag Free Pattern - Nic's Knits

For these bags, I have used some mystery yarn from my stash.  It’s a metallic, fingering weight yarn, which created a beautiful egg.  It’s also a very sturdy yarn, which helps it to hold its shape, although the modified crocodile stitch is also quite good at holding this shape.

Dragon Egg Dice Bag Free Pattern - Nic's Knits

I braided three strands of the yarn together for my chord, and I attached wooden beads at the end for added flair.  To make sure the yarn stayed around the beads the way I wanted, I added a drop of glue at each end of the beads.

Dragon Egg Dice Bag Free Pattern - Nic's Knits

These bags work up very quickly.  I made two in one afternoon, and in that time I had three people ask me to make a set for them!

I hope you enjoy making these bags as much as I do!

Dragon Egg Dice Bag – Nic’s Knits


  1. 35 28
    I have a question about your pattern. On the rows making the scales, it says it’s 35 stitches around. Then it goes to the top part and it says 28 stitches around without saying how it should be decreased to get there. Could you please explain? I’m enjoying working your pattern so far!


    • I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it! When you’re making the scales, you will be working two HDC into every forth stitch as the basis for the scale in the next row, which works out to be an increase of seven each scale base row. When you get to the top, you will simply SC around the existing 28 st. Does that make sense?


  2. this pattern looks great! any advice on how to make larger sizes? i’m still using fingering yarn and a small hook, but i need a wider, slightly larger bag. thanks friend!


    • I would add extra scales. The important thing is that the base ends on a multiple of four (and each multiple of four will form one scale). That will give you the wider bag. Them you can just make extra rows of scales to add the extra height before making the top. At the top, rather than working the 28sts as I have, you will want to work to the same size as your base. I hope this helps!


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