Amigurumi Cat

My husband is a huge cat fan.  Unfortunately, our apartment does not allow any pets, so the closest we can do for the time being is an amigurumi cat.  This guy (based on the Neko Atsume #2 from Little Bear Crochets) is part of an attempt to make a cute doorstop.  We have one door that slams any time we open the windows, and I’m hoping that this little guy will be able to help solve our problem.  I am still looking for some weights for his feet (I don’t think it will need to be super heavy, but a little weight will be good).  However, I do have his head finished and stuffed.

Cat Face

I still find embroidery very difficult, so I used the same trick for his eyes as I use on my dragons: I stitch a cross to the tops and sides of the eyes, and then use that as a base for a God’s Eye, with the pupils stitched over top.  Also like my dragons, I used my glow in the dark thread (as any cat wants).

Any suggestions for names?


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