Designs in Progress

I am excited for my new basket to be completely finished!  While I don’t think I would use this stitch for a basket again, I do love the way this looks in my living room.  I brushed the basket generously with watered down glue (I used Elmers), and I needed to apply three coats: 2 to the outside of the basket and 1 to the inside.

Abstract Cats Basket

I have also been working on new sizes for my three-way boot cuffs.  I’ve finished three more this week, all three for children.  The smallest is a toddler size.

Three Way Boot Cuffs

My final project for the week is a cross between a ruanna and a triangle shawl (ideally).  I was gifted five skeins of Yarn Bee in Wildstreak, which is super soft, but so loosely woven it’s a little difficult to work with.

Tree Ruanna - Yarn

I’m still working on the triangle back, and I am working on a tree pattern.  I think the branches will need to be about twice as tall as they are currently.

Tree Ruanna

I feel like I have so many ideas right now, it’s hard to stay focused on any project.

What’s on your needles and hooks this week?


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