Pattern Shout Out

As our moving date approaches, I’ve been trying to use up some of my yarn.  This week, I worked on chemo caps using two patterns that were fabulous!

Lotus Cap

This first pattern is “Lotus” from the blog Third Base Line.  It was published back in 2008 and is a beautiful pattern.  Just look at the way the crown works up!  And the lace pattern is beautiful too.

Lotus Cap

This hat did take more time for me that most hats, mostly because I still cable very slowly.  But I love the result!

GENEie Cap

This second hat is the GENEie hat from the blog Chem Knits.  Unfortunately, when I started this hat, I had already packed away the needles that I needed.  So I decided to just make a smaller hat.  However, it still turned out beautifully, and the twisting DNA helix was super fun to work!

GENEie Cap 2

And of course, I am always pulled in by an interesting crown design.  This hat is now a part of a collection, with five different hat styles to knit.

I thought both hats would work well as chemo caps as well.  I used a soft acrylic yarn.  (It was a gift from a friend, but it did not have a label.  It felt very similar to the Caron SimplySoft yarn.)

What are you working on this week?


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