Drafting New Designs

Well, this has been a design-heavy week for me!  I started two new designs.  The first is this blanket for a friend.  She gave me the yarn (Bernat Blanket) and asked me to make something out of it.  So, I followed Michelle Costa’s “Augustine Chunky Throw” for the blanket itself, and then created a case for the blanket so it could turn into a pillow when not in use.  I was inspired by my friend’s French Bulldog (Oliver) for the pillow portion.  While this is definitely a first draft, I like where this one is going.


My second project did not quite turn out so well (and has been ripped).  That one is a chunky hat.  While the three attempts I worked on this week did not look like what I am envisioning, they did give me two more ideas for possible designs.  Now I have to decide which to work toward next…

In the meantime, I decided to extend my family of dragons.  Meet the newest member of the family, Ammie Thyst!

As before, I used Lucy Collin’s pattern, but this time I actually followed the directions (mostly).  I had a partial skein in the right size yarn, which I used for the body and the legs.  However, I then ran out of the yarn, so I supplemented with some fingering weight yarn my mom bought for me.  I do not know much about that yarn as it did not come with a label, but it’s fingering weight and sparkly.  I think it fit Ammie very well.  I followed the pattern as written for the legs as well.  The only change I made was the addition of pipe cleaner through the body.

Dragon Family 2

What are you working on this week?



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