To Knit or Crochet?


I have been thinking lately about my choices in knitting and crocheting.  While I still identify as a knitter primarily, it seems that for the last several months, it has been the hooks that have had the siren call.  Perhaps a part of this is that I have had two large projects to knit, and crocheting smaller things has been a break from those two.

That being said…

I have finished one of the two projects!  The Architexture Scarf by Jennifer Weissmann was a lot of fun to knit, even though I don’t normally knit scarves.  All I have left is blocking.

The end is also in sight for my second knitting project.  This is a shawl following a simple lace pattern I found on Pinterest.  (see the chart here)

But, this week I have also been working on a blanket that a friend requested.  This was using yarn that her daughter had bought before she passed away, so it’s super special to her.  I am going to add to the collection a little bit, though.  I am planning to add a pocket so the blanket can fold into a pillow, and this pillow will be designed to look like her dog.  However, I still need to buy the yarn for that.  The body of the blanket follows the Augustine Chunky Throw Blanket pattern by Michele Costa, and I will be designing the pillow pocket myself (once I have the yarn).

So what are you working on this week?  What type of craft is calling your name?


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