Owl Bag Free Pattern

As promised, here is the pattern for my Owl Bag.  This bag is large enough to hold several books or groceries or a project; however, it’s not too large to function as a purse.


It uses the crocodile stitch, so be warned that it’s quite the yarn hog.  I work the entire bag in the round.  (For instructions on working the crocodile stitch in the round, check out my tutorial).

Because the crocodile stitch leaves large holes in your work, I recommend a liner unless you plan to use this as a market bag.  While it’s still pretty on the reverse, a lining can help to prevent things from falling out.  Alternately, watch for my tutorial on a modified crocodile stitch that removes these holes (but uses more yarn).


This is only the second pattern I’ve published, so make sure to let me know if there’s anything confusing about the pattern!

Here’s the pattern.  Soon you’ll have your own adorable owl bag!

Owl Tote

Free Pattern - Owl Bag by Nic's Knits



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